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To get started with Analytics 2.0 APIs you must first decide whether your application will need an OAuth client or a JWT client.


There are multiple type of authentication for authenticating with the analytics APIs. General information about authenticating with Adobe's APIs is located here. Specific information related to authenticating with the analytics APIs is available in the sections below


Use an OAuth client if you are creating an application that requires an end use to authenticate before calling the Adobe Analytics APIs. The OAuth tokens expire after 24 hours and the end user must then re-authenticate before they will be able to call the APIs. To authenticate with an OAuth client, you first create an OAuth client on the Adobe I/O Console.


A JWT client is best if you are creating an application that needs to programmatically authenticate calls to the Adobe Analytics APIs. A new JWT token can be generated whenever the old one is about to expire so your application can continue to make API calls.

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