Adobe Experience Platform APIs

Experience Platform services provide RESTful APIs that allow you to programmatically perform key operations in your applications.


Adobe Experience Platform is developed with an "API first" philosophy. Using Platform APIs, you can programmatically perform basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations against data, such as configuring computed attributes, accessing data/entities, exporting data, deleting unneeded data or batches, and more.

The API references listed below serve as high-level overviews of the available endpoints provided by each Platform API. For more detailed information on the use of these APIs, please refer to the documentation linked from within each reference.


Get Started#

Authenticate and access Experience Platform APIs

Follow this tutorial to gather the required authentication credentials for all Experience Platform APIs (except for the Privacy Service API and Reactor API).

Authenticate and access the Privacy Service API

Follow this tutorial to gather the required authentication credentials the Privacy Service API.

Authenticate and access the Reactor API

Follow this tutorial to gather the required authentication credentials for the Reactor API.

API References#

Access Control API

View available and active user permissions.

Audit Query API

View audit logs on Platform activities.

Catalog Service API

Manage metadata for datasets and batches.

Data Access API

Access and download ingested dataset files.

Data Ingestion API

Bring data into Platform in batches or streaming.

Data Prep API

Map, transform, and validate data to and from Experience Data Model (XDM).

Dataset Service API

Manage usage labels for existing datasets within the Data Lake.

Destination Authoring API (Destination SDK)

Author a destination in the Experience Platform catalog.

Flow Service API

Ingest data from external sources into Experience Platform.

Identity Service API

Manage identities, namespaces, and clusters linked to the Identity Graph.

Observability Insights API

View metrics on various Platform activities.

Policy Service API

Manage data usage labels and policies.

Privacy Service API

Manage customer requests to access and delete their personal data.

Query Service API

Use standard SQL to query data in Experience Platform.

Reactor API

Manage extensions, rules, and other resources related to tags.

Real-time Customer Profile API

Manage merge policies and other Profile-related resources.

Sandbox API

Manage sandboxes for your organization.

Schema Registry API

Manage Experience Data Model (XDM) schemas.

Segmentation Service API

Build and export segments from your Real-time Customer Profile data.

Sensei Machine Learning API

Manage engines, models, and other resources related to Data Science Workspace.

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